German Jordanian Applied University Teaching (AUT):

Online Courses for Teaching and Learning in Higher Education

You are an academic from Syria, Lebanon or Jordan, already teaching in higher education or planning to do so in the future and you are looking for an opportunity to improve your teaching competencies? Here is the place to start.

Why participate?

  • start or advance your teaching career
  • deepen your understanding of university teaching
  • improve your teaching practices
  • develop your professional competencies and skills
  • enhance your professional development
  • connect and exchange with colleagues from other universities and countries

What to expect?

  • independent course modules
  • downloadable resources such as videos, literature, worksheets, etc.
  • written assignments
  • discussion forums
  • peer group activities
  • weekly reflection journal
  • tutoring
  • individual coaching
  • technical support
  • certificates confirming applied teaching and learning skills in the higher education
  • no fees

About the project

The project “German Jordanian Applied University Teaching” offers a series of online courses:

Courses originally planned in Arabic cannot be realised.