Online Course "University Teaching: Advanced"

The Course “University Teaching: Advanced” is aimed at academics from Jordan, Lebanon and Syria who already have some experience in university teaching and who also have some didactic knowledge and skills in the field of higher education, for example, through participation in singular workshops or further education courses such as the Basic Course of the AUT project.

The course offers the opportunity to redesign a specific course of your own – both face-to-face classroom and e-learning scenarios are possible – and receive peer feedback on the concept and implementation, as well as to discuss specific questions in individual online coaching sessions with an expert in higher education. In addition, current teaching issues are worked on together in discipline-related working groups. These teaching circles, whose topics are selected according to the everyday teaching situations of the participants, also offer the possibility of planning joint transnational teaching projects. By the end, you will not only have developed your teaching skills and knowledge, but also your teaching network.

The maximum number of participants is 15, preferably 5 participants from each of three countries.


The Advanced Course consists of two modules that run in parallel and are linked to each other. Each module has a workload of 30 hours and the entire Advanced Course consists of 60 hours that must be completed in the period from July to November 2022, i.e. within 5 months.

Learning Outcomes

The goal of this Advanced Course is to broaden and deepen the participants' existing skills and knowledge for university teaching, both face-to-face classroom and e-learning scenarios. A special focus of the course is on discipline-related issues, cooperation of teachers and mutual support for improving university teaching.

Upon successful completion of this course you will be able to:

  • structure and moderate systematic collegial consultation meetings
  • critically engage with literature and research in the field of university teaching
  • redesign your courses and justify your approach with reference to research and literature
  • demonstrate increased professional competencies and improved teaching skills
  • reflect and engage in self-evaluation of your own teaching practice
  • demonstrate continuous development and enhance your career prospects

Module Content

In Module 1 „Teaching Circle“, you go into subject-related exchange on teaching and learning with teachers from a similar scientific discipline or culture. In 8 online sessions of 2 hours each, you discuss questions and challenges from your teaching, exchange tips and tricks, and jointly search for and discuss literature and research that can help you work through the challenges and show you new ways of dealing with them. The planning of joint transnational teaching projects for the future can also be part of the circle work.

At the beginning of Module 1, the sessions are accompanied by a facilitator, later the teaching circles work self-organized. Appropriate forms of work, such as collegial case consultation, are introduced and tried out in the first sessions. Your active contribution to the teaching circles consists, for example, in presenting and discussing your own teaching case and questions, moderating a session and documenting its results.

In addition to university teachers from Jordan, Lebanon and Syria, faculty from German universities will also be invited to participate in the Teaching Circles.

In Module 2 “Teaching Practice”, you (re-)design a course in exchange with your peers and the coach, i.e. you submit a course concept and discuss it with your peers and the coach and revise your concept if necessary. Both face-to-face classroom and e-learning scenarios can be selected. You also give peer feedback on the course concepts of the other participants. You implement the course at least partially with your students and have them (inter-)evaluate it, as far as this is possible during the duration of the Advanced Course. Finally, you reflect on your experiences with the redesigned course in a short report.

The two modules run parallel and are linked to each other in that the teaching circles provide peer feedback from Module 2. If possible, there should also be mutual (online) teaching visits and observations in the courses of the other participants of your teaching circle.


In order to receive the certificate for the Advanced Course you have to actively participate in the work of the teaching circles and to complete all steps of Module 2.



You can find all information about the registration process on this website:

Admission requirements

  • You are from Syria, Lebanon or Jordan.
  • You have completed a Master degree (in any field) or have equal qualifications.
  • You already have some experience in university teaching and have some didactic knowledge and skills in the field of higher education. Preferably, you can demonstrate your didactic knowledge and training by appropriate certificates.
  • You are preferably able to participate online at the AUT conference on June 13, 2022.

Technical Requirements

  • Access to the internet
  • Computer / Laptop / Mobile Devices


Upon successful completion of all required coursework, you will receive a digital certificate of attendance for the course.


The course offers technical support regarding issues related to the use of the learning platform Moodle and the use of a web conference tool. Support is possible via phone, Moodle or email.

Course Language

Course language is English.


Participation in the course is free of charge.

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